In this meditation we begin to connect with those areas of suppressed anger in the body. Since like attracts like suppressed anger can lead to an accumulation of anger that does not even belong to you. This anger is purified and released from your body. Then the meditation focuses on two aspects, the protection/controlling part of you that seeks to block anger and the part of you that is the suppressed anger. We could call these the prison guard and the prisoner. Working with your Higher Self the energy of the prison guard is shifted and it is given a new role in your energy field. Then the anger within you that is yours is cleansed and released. The channel for clean expression of this anger is then opened. The meditation ends with a calling back of all fragmented light that needs to be transformed and returned to your energy fields.

Anger is energy and energy, like water, needs to flow and be expressed. There are two issues that are problematic around anger. One is where anger is over expressed in judgemental, aggressive and even violent ways. The other is where anger is blocked or suppressed which can create passive aggressive responses to life. Suppressed anger can be an underlying cause of anxiety and depression. Suppressed Anger can affect thinking and behaviour patterns and in turn disrupt relationships. Suppressed anger can contribute to a number of health issues such as fatigue, high blood pressure, headaches etc. Starseeds, because of their empathic nature, tend to block, disown and suppress anger.


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