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Ascension News: Angels, Fairies and Elementals.

The Nature Kingdom…

Today I want to share some ideas on the Nature Kingdom which includes Angels, Fairies and Elementals. As we will see, nature is very much alive and we could call the alive and conscious kingdom of nature the Devic Kingdom. Also, our physical bodies are part of the Devic Kingdom. I will explain more about all of this shortly.

Please note, some of these ideas may resonate, some may not. My advice is to embrace what resonates and disregard what does not currently resonate. At the end of this track there are three short exercises that will help ground the material I am presenting here.  

So the term Deva was introduced into the vocabulary of the West from Eastern spiritual philosophies in the 60s and 70s. Deva is an ancient Sanskrit word translating as “Being of Light”. And of course the word should not be confused with Diva which describes certain celebrities or individuals acting as if they were a celebrity!

Devas are the nature spirits, fairies, elementals, elves and all beings working within the creation of lifeforms within Gaia. From soil to leaf to tree to stars everything is alive and vibrating with energy. At the lowest level they can be found in the atoms and cells of living matter and at the highest these beings that hold the aliveness of a landscape, a mountain range an ocean.

As children we are more connected to the playful energies within the Devic Kingdom which is why children often connect and play with ‘imaginary’ friends. As adults this connection is broken through intense left-brain education. It is interesting to note that the great Avatar Jesus the Christ is quoted in the bible as saying, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Earth Based Spirituality…

Many cultures around the world, before the rise of mainstream religions, practised an earth-based spirituality which saw all life forms on the earth as having an innermost Spirit, an innermost guiding intelligence. Tribal cultures that would hunt and gather food would also be meticulous in thanking Great Spirit for all the blessings of nature. With the rise of mainstream religions there was a general movement to dispel nature-based spirituality. There are a few exceptions to this for instance Shintoism in Japan. However, the general trend was that nature-based spirituality went underground and in its wake were left the remnants of stories and fairy tales describing the relationship between humanity and the Devic Kingdom. As earth-based spiritual practice declined misunderstandings and superstitious ideas and stories began to arise that had no basis in real experience.  

The Problem of Disconnection…

With all of this there arose a certain level of fear, distrust and disconnection between the human and Devic kingdoms. In the West Christianity was responsible for a great rift and fear in communicating and working with nature spirits following the witch trials. As if this was not enough, as the influence of religious ideas and dogma declined the gap was filled with science and its logical, analytical, and mechanistic way of understanding the world. This created a further layer of disconnection since we have mostly been educated to only believe in what we can see, sense, or understand through our logical left-brain mind. Contemporary science assumes that there is no reality but material reality, that consciousness is a by-product of the physical activity of the brain and that matter has no innate guiding consciousness. The general attitude of social anthropologists studying tribal peoples along with historians looking at classical cultures such as those of ancient Greece or Rome was that the unseen worlds of gods and goddesses, angels, fairies, and spirits, were the creations of primitive and fanciful minds.

Not all scientists agree with this way of thinking. For instance the brilliant scientist Rupert Sheldrake wrote a book called The Science Delusion and I do recommend his work if you are interested in releasing the dogmatic grip of science in your consciousness.

Opening to the Devic Kingdom…

Because of all these old and deep layers of distrust and disbelief it may feel strange at first to consider opening to a realm that feels more fanciful and mythic than real, at least in the early stages. In order to restore our connection to the Devic Kingdom we need a new way of understand, perceiving and thinking about the natural world around us. One way to begin is to understand how our deep ancestors saw and experienced the natural world.

William Bloom, author of Working With Angels, Fairies And Nature Spirits says, “Almost without exception, small tribal communities who live in a close relationship with nature believe in the spirits that animate all aspects of life. Such a belief is found among native peoples in the Amazon rainforests, on the plains of North America and the Steppes of Siberia, in the icy wilderness of the Arctic, on the African savanna and deep in the Australian desert..

What I am about to say draws on this ancient framework of understanding the Devic World as well as the experiences of teachers I respect and my various experiences over the years in working with them. Why work with Devas? Well, I believe that working with Devas gives us an opportunity to reframe our understanding of our Universe and find new solutions to the serious problems we collectively face, such as the pollution of our air, water, and soil.

Devas infuse all matter in our solar system with intelligence and aliveness, they infuse all matter and forms with divine energy, hence the idea that every place in nature can be sacred. In a forest or a garden, nature spirits infuse life force energy into every form that grows. The work of the Devic kingdom is to bring light and beauty everywhere.

Devic Consciousness…

From rock to human and beyond, for each level of being, there’s a level of Devic consciousness operating. From the tiniest atom or cell within a lifeform, these basic building blocks of physical life join together in greater and greater combinations, forming more complex forms. As these complex forms evolve, higher levels of Devic intelligence operate to oversee the overall function of that form, for example a flower, plant or a tree. The beings working at the smallest level we could call elementals and those at higher levels we could call Fairies or Nature Spirits. Of course the names we give these beings are not so important what is important is the understanding that these beings work at different levels. At the higher levels Devic beings work with Angelic architects of form who are responsible for the evolution of matter making small adjustments to forms to optimise their ability to grow and thrive in the environment they exist in. For instance, elemental beings of light can be found working within the various parts of an individual oak tree and at higher levels the nature spirits guide this work. At higher levels the Angel Architect working with the whole species of oak directs the evolution of the oak tree.

One of the challenges in working with Devas is that humanity has had little regard for the Devic Kingdom especially since the Industrial Revolution. Because of this there are many places around the planet that feel devoid of fairies, nature spirits and elementals aliveness because of human interference with the natural cycles and flow of Gaia. Devas will leave any area where there has been construction work or mining for instance. This is why Devas are found more in abundance in wild places rather than cities which is why going into the wild can be so invigorating.

Nature Spirits in the Home…

On the issue of nature spirits and fairies being upset with the human world, my partner Liz owns a flat that was built onto the original house about 100 years ago in what was originally part of the garden. When she bought the flat, she reconfigured the whole of the inside which had the builders dumping a lot of building materials and rubbish in the garden. Once the work was done, there were continual problems in the flat; lots of little things including a leak coming through the wall that never went away. There were many other minor maintenance issues on a regular basis, such as the boiler losing pressure. Plumbers were called and could never find a major source of the problem, they just topped up the pressure. There was also a high turnover of tenants. Frustrated with this, Liz found a lady who knew about space and land clearing. What this land clearing lady found was that the nature spirits were offended. They were never consulted or told about the work and a number of them were inside the flat causing chaos (remember, this was originally part of their garden). The land clearing lady took all of the nature spirits out of the flat to a tree in the garden, explaining that the tree was their new home. She spoke with them, explaining about the various building works and apologised for all disturbance caused. She also said that Liz needed to go and speak with the nature spirits as well, to apologise and make an offering of rose quartz in the garden. After this, things got much better. There were still structural repairs that needed to be done, but all the niggling issues ended and she now has very nice tenants who want to stay.

My Personal Experience…

It was around the mid-90s that I began to feel the call to sit and meditate in nature especially with trees. Over the years I have sat in meditation with many different trees and it was during these times that I first began to understand that not all of nature really appreciates the human connection. I found a certain sense of withdrawal, disinterest and even anger within certain places in nature that I now understand to be about the destruction of habitats and the displacement of elementals, fairies, and nature spirits. Not all the trees I sat with wanted to connect with me. Personally, I have found Cherry Blossom, Hawthorn, Yew and Willow all very welcoming and communicative. Hawthorn would open the way to powerful meditations with Devic beings. Yew and Cherry Blossom I found very chatty and happy to answer many of my questions. Willow was very helpful with emotional healing. For some reason I have not found Oak to be that communicative with me.

There were a couple of occasions where I was out with two of my granddaughters and decided to introduce them to speaking with trees. I remember the first time, Eva, who was about 6 at the time, saying to me, “Granddad, we do not know how to speak with trees like you.” I replied, “Don’t they teach you how to do that in your school!” She shook her head which made me smile inside. Of course, I knew that this would be something quite new for them both, but how revolutionary if children were to be taught to connect with the Devic Kingdom. Over the years I have often turned to trees for their insights and wisdom. For instance, during the lockdown in the UK in 2020 I was feeling a bit cut off from friends and in need of daily exercise and so would go for daily runs. On one of these runs I went on a detour from the local park through a section of a local cemetery and it was there that I was drawn to meeting two very nice cherry blossom trees that turned out to be very interested in talking with me. They gave me a number of insights and their company made the whole experience of lockdown more palatable.

Meditating with Crystals…

As well as trees I have long had a powerful connection to crystals. When I began waking up spiritually in the early 90s I began meditating with crystals and began to feel a connection with the spirit of crystals. Mostly I found them to clear and heal my energy fields. Now my office is filled with all kinds of crystals and crystal jewellery. I still meditate with crystals and their Devic beings and working with crystal energies have been an increasing feature in my transmission these past several months. I have found crystal elementals to be very protective, for instance, back in 2014 at a time when I was going through a dark night of the soul someone gave me a very large black tourmaline crystal as a Christmas present. As I unwrapped the gift the crystal exploded into two large pieces in my hand. What seemed to have happened is that this crystal absorbed some ‘heavy’ energies from my energy fields and sacrificed its own current form to assist in my healing process! This happened a few times during my dark night of the soul! Interestingly, I have found that we can call crystal elementals in meditation and they can be very protective effect even if there are no physical crystals nearby!

Shamanism and Animal Spirit Guardians….

In shamanism there is the concept of Animal Spirit Guardians. Or sometimes called Power Animals. This is where we connect to the Deva Spirit holding a whole species of animal rather than the individual consciousness of one animal being. I spent many years working with these beings and it is interesting to note that it is possible to also connect with mythical beings such as dragons and unicorns that exist in other dimensions of this earth-plane. There are a number of meditations on my YouTube channel if this is of interest to you. 

The Elementals of Nature…

All the elements of nature, air, fire, water, earth and prana or chi contain elementals. I spent many years working within the nature-based tradition of Wicca invoking the elements and the ‘Guardians’ or ‘Overlighting’ beings working with all these elemental sprite beings. In these rituals I would feel the arrival of these beings in my body. The elementals of air can feel inspiring and invigorating. Fire and water very cleansing in different ways. Earth was very restorative and supportive. Chi felt like a flow of energy moving through and around me. These days I know these Guardians or Overlighting beings the Four Archangels of the Horizontal Plane and the two Archangels of the Vertical Plane. All of my meditations and transmission work within the sacred space created by these six archangels. You can connect with these six Archangels in any of my meditations and transmissions on YouTube.

The Body Elemental…

It is important to note that Nature Spirits and Elementals can be found at work within the human body, in all cells, organs and systems of the body. Every human has an overarching Body Deva that maintains the health, well-being, and vitality of the body. This Body Deva is very connected to the unconscious mind. Sometimes this Body Deva is called the Body Elemental. Our Body Elemental maintains all the processes in the body that happen without our thinking about them. This elemental body consciousness responds very well to beautiful rituals, to incense and candlelight, to poetry, to dance, to inspiring stories. Our Body Elemental responds very well to being in nature that is infused with other nature spirits. I know there are places in my experience that my Body Elemental loves such as Glastonbury which I visit twice a year. My Body Elemental especially loves hanging out in Chalice Well Garden because here I can feel the healing and peaceful presence of so many nature spirits and elemental sprites around the garden, in the meadows, flowers, trees and flowing waters.

The Body Elemental enjoys being communicated with but it does not respond well to left brain logic and is repelled by judgment and blame. If you want to connect with your own elemental body consciousness then you need to learn how to communicate with it. For instance sending gratitude to the Body Elemental is a wonderful exercise and there is an exercise for this towards the end of the track. Most individuals have no idea that their body is alive and maintained by a consciousness that is very different to their own conscious way of thinking and communicating. Finding a harmonious and happy connection between our human logical/intuitive consciousness and elemental consciousness is the key to a long, happy, and successful life. If you are interested in this particular area then check out my Body Elemental Meditation on YouTube.

Three Exercises…

I will be presenting three exercises to help you connect with the Devic Kingdom. Please note that any connection can be interfered with if you are in an overly emotional or mentally excited state. Stay relaxed and calm. Imagination is the most important gateway to communicate with Nature Spirits and your imagination embraces all your inner senses. What you can see, hear, feel, sense, touch, and taste. Have a relaxed attitude and a remember that you have a sense of humour because the Devic Kingdom has a great sense of wisdom, humour and play and so avoid doing any exercise too seriously!

Exercise One….

Affirmations. Here are a few affirmations to get you started. You can write your own to help open your mind and heart to this work.

I am called to working with Devas, Nature Spirits and Elementals.

My heart and mind are open to this connection.

My Higher Self supports me in working with Angels, Nature Spirits, and fairies.

Working with nature spirits opens me to a magical dimension of life.

I work with Devas to heal myself and transform the world.

I am connected and have a loving relationship with my Body Elemental.

Working with angels and nature spirits is part of my spiritual path.

I have a natural connection to the Devic Kingdom.

I am open to reconnecting with the wisdom, humour and play of the Devic Kingdom.

Exercise Two…

Connect with your body elemental. Get comfortable. Breathe and feel into your body. Place your non-dominant hand on your sacral and begin to send love and appreciation to your Body Elemental. Thank it for all the work it does for you in maintaining the wellbeing and vitality of your physical form. Imagine sending love through your hand, perhaps in the form of a great wave of pink light going deep into your sacral and from there radiating out into your body.  

Exercise Three….

Awakening the Inner Senses. Pick something in nature that you feel attracted to. Perhaps a plant in your garden or a tree in a local park or wood. You need to be able to touch, see and smell the object of this exercise. So have the plant or tree before you. Reach out and touch it, perhaps feel a leaf or bark of tree. Look at the colour, shape and form. Notice any smells. What feelings and sensations do you feel, notice everything. Then close your eyes and open your inner senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. Now imagine the plant or tree before you. Reach out and touch it, perhaps feel a leaf or bark of tree. Look at the colour, shape and form of this plant or tree. Notice any smells. Allow this plant or tree to appear as real in your inner world as in your outer world. What feelings and sensations do you feel, notice everything.

Music by…

Sefy Tofan (Anima Mundi) called Under the Ground.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this. I have had a connection with the elemental realm since childhood and talking to plants comes naturally. I have learnt how to make a fairy circle, which is a human/elemental circle of trust and relationship. When in the jungle at an ancient site in Guatemala, I was asked by the Devas to do a fairy circle in the jungle and was led to a place that a stone mushroom, which I later learnt was the place where sacred mushroom ceremonies were held. I have had many amazing experiences and have written about some of them in my book “The Real Illusion, Do you create your reality or does your reality create you?” In this I also mention some of the work by Rupert Sheldrake and talk about the misguided believe around Gods, such as the Hindu Goddess Kali. I thought you also might like to know that every Thursday at 8pm UK time, or equivalent in other locales, there is a global session of healing, meditation, prayer, sending out loving intentions for the world, all sentient beings and out to the universe, which we have been doing for over 2 years now. We do it in our own way, but at the same time so connection in universal consciousness and I always call on all the light being to assist. One message I have received is that we are partners and should work together for the benefit of all. Having studied shamanism in various forms in different parts of the world and for year in America with Native Americans, I have learnt to respect the importance of all the nature spirits you have spoken of and methods in which to do this such as offerings of water, tobacco and so on. I thank you so much for your wonderful presentation so clearly and beautifully presented and to which I felt a close connection. I will share it and hope that is okay. Please continue what you are doing and blessings to you also, plus much love.

  2. Thank you for your spirit that guides me to my spiritual ascension. I understand now it’s a place that I connect to in my imagination where my true heart is illuminated. As an Anthropologist I am blessed to work with the Alaskan Athabascan tribes of the North. Once in Allakaket, speaking with an elder, her spirit showed me how her people were part of their creation story. They are the spirit of the place. I have witnessed in the Athabascan people what you teach here. Bless you and with gracious gratitude for your guidance in my journey to my soul matrix.

    Debra Lynne

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