You are a Starseed. Anyone interested in my work is a Starseed. Everyone else would think I was too far out there or crazy! Starseeds are here with a mission. That mission begins with an awakening. There is a journey out of the 3D Matrix into a new reality. Starseeds are natural alchemists and magicians. As an alchemist they learn to transform toxic energies. As a magician they learn to create their reality, shifting it from a lower vibrational experience to a higher range of experiences. Once this has been mastered, then comes the work of service or assisting in co-creating a New Earth.

Starseeds are Revolutionaries. You are not here to hide your light. You are not here to fit in and hide your unique brilliance and gifts. You may have been born within the 3D Matrix but you do not belong to it! You are a revolutionary because you are here to follow the beat of a different drum, one that cannot be heard by the Collective Consciousness on the planet right now. You are here to align with your Higher Self and your Team in Spirit in order to do things very differently.

Starseeds are Multidimensional. Meaning you have a vast range of resources within you. Your soul contains many experiences and is working across many lifetimes across time/space/dimensions including this 3D dimension (which is now shifting to 5D). Now is a good time to shift away from lower frequencies of fear, greed, resentment etc, and embrace higher frequencies of love, joy, happiness, gratitude, enthusiasm, wonder, bliss and so on. Together it is possible to create heaven on earth.

The Energies on and Within the Earth are Changing. The energy grid in the earth is shifting as is the intensity of light impacting the planet. This is creating certain volatile scenarios that are designed to wake humanity up and change its chainsaw mentality of using the earth as a treasure trove of infinite resources. In recent years, we have seen shifts in the weather and earth activity. We are in the midst of a global pandemic which is affecting every corner of the Globe. This is all part of the process of the planet waking up. The work of some Starseeds is within the different Kingdoms of Gaia as healers and protectors. 2020-2022 is the Pinnacle of the Ascension Process. Many old 3D structures and systems are wobbling badly. Some will fall and some will be transmuted into higher versions of themselves. This is the process that paves the way for a collective Heaven on Earth.  

This is Your Invitation to Avalon. Where else to meet, greet, embrace and expand the magical energies in magical Glastonbury! 

What to Expect. There will be group processes for dream-weaving, deep transmission-meditations and also space for reflection. We will explore the main Sacred Sites of the magical land of Avalon, the Tor (an ancient Druid Hill and Labyrinth), Chalice Well Garden (a beautiful Feminine sacred space to connect with the ancient well waters and elemental energies) and Glastonbury Abbey. We will also utilise some of these magical spaces for some group activities and ceremonies. There will of course be break time to explore many of the gorgeous crystal shops, cafes and restaurants around town.

Venue: Isle of Avalon Foundation Ltd. 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DU



Steve Ahnael Nobel is an author, book mentor, spiritual coach, and healer. He is the creator of Soul Matrix Healing which is a blend of down to earth coaching techniques and energy tools for clearing karmic ‘blocks’. Steve was a director of Alternatives between 2000-2012. 

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