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Clearing a Hurtful Relationship Pattern Meditation.

Relationships can be a source of great nurturing, love and support. They can also be channels of karmic patterning and pain. This meditation is designed to clear a deep rooted pattern that keeps manifesting in your relationships. this could be a pattern of anger, blame, comparison, disinterest, jealousy, lack of clear communication, rejection, resentment, spite and so on. There are several steps to this meditation.


Invoking the Core Pattern….

Feel the pattern that seems to recur in your reality, whether and so on. Notice where in the body you feel this pattern, the core of it. The size of it. The movement or lack of movement. The colour or lack of colour. The emotions contained. Then release any energy that does not belong to you, that can at this point be released and invite more light into the space of the pattern.

Cutting Cords…

Call a person you are having this issue with (either in the present or from your past) and their Higher Self. Let them know you have called them to release anything that is not love between you. Invite light in the space between you and allow any negative cords to be revealed between you. Call the blue flaming sword of Michael and cut all cords, pull them out from your body and throw them to the light of the sun. Then seal your body with light.

Clearing Other Interference…

In this angelic light ask for any energetic projections between you to be revealed. These may appear as a cloud of energy or as objects such as darts or daggers. Send all energies into the light of the sun or clear with ultraviolet fire.

Soul Agreements…

Ask if you have any soul agreements relating to this relational pattern, perhaps from other lifetimes or from the bloodline. A soul agreement can be a promise of some kind, a vow or legal agreement. Some agreements may have once been positive and after a while no longer serve any useful purpose. If any appear as scrolls or parchments destroy them and burn them in ultraviolet fire, asking that they be cleared multidimensionally. Destroy through all minds, all bodies, all timelines, all dimensions, all incarnations, all universes.

Good Wishes…

This part of the meditaion helps in dissolving any ill will that exists between you both. With this person before you bring to mind this statement: May I be well, may I be happy, may I be free from harm. Then bring to mind the following statement: May you be well, may you be happy, may you be free from harm. Do these statements for yourself and for the other person until you feel a greater sense of neutrality between you. When you are ready, let the person go.

Original Pattern…

Come back to the original pattern in the body. Notice if it is lighter. In some cases it may have disappered completely. Breath more light into this pattern from the crystalline grid and from the ascension grid. You can also invite a healing colour into this space such as a cool lavender or a light cherry blossom pink. Release what can be released.

Invite a New Pattern…

Intend for a new pattern and set of qualities in your relationships to replace the old pattern.

Thank the Angels…

Thank your team and all the angels holding the space. have a great day!

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6 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for this beautiful meditation. Today I had a challenging conversation with my mom which is an old pattern. Amazing the divine timing of your meditation arriving in my inbox today. Many blessings

  2. Thank you Steve for this for wonderful mediation. It is very synchronistic for a lot of us Starseeds moving forward with relationships and all that is transpiring at this time.
    I am so grateful to you Steve . . .I am already feeling better and more Neutral! Blessings

  3. Thank you Steve, this meditation is so Welcome. Love and Blessings to you Steve Nobel.

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