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Black Angelic Fire Transmission: Clearing Toxic Lower Energies in Your Physical Vehicle.

How This Transmission Came Into Being…

I have been looking for a solution for the global toxic situation and on the last weekend of May I invited two good friends to our home. In that time I had a conversation with one of these friends who mentioned another spiritual teacher, Magenta Pixie, was calling on Black Fire. Something touched me immediately and later that evening, before going to bed, I called the angels holding this fire. I felt such a powerful clearing. At last the solution had presented itself. After creating and uploading this track I checked out Magenta Pixie’s YouTube channel but could not see anything on this fire. (If anyone has a link please send it.

This Transmission is Designed to…

The world is going through a massive toxic episode. This transmission is designed to clear toxic chemical, radiation and energetic interference in the physical vehicle as well as in your chakras and auric field. It can be used to clear Vaxx-Scene material in the body and it is very useful to clear Vaxx-Scene Shedding. (This is where non-jabbed people pick up toxic material from jabbed people whose bodies are frantically throwing out the toxic material through the skin, lungs and auric field.

In this Transmission We Call..

Your Team in Spirit, all archangels holding the horizontal and vertical force planes. We also call Zero-Point field angels, and black angelic fire angels.

Zero-Point Field Angels and Black Angelic Fire Angels…

Zero-point Field angels create a sphere of Zero Point Energy around your energy field. Within this sphere we call black angelic fire. This fire is invited into the bones, blood, lymph, organs, systems. This fire is then invited into the skin and lungs. Then into the cells and DNA. This fire is invited into all chakras. We ask your Higher Self and Team in Spirit to correct the spin of any chakra negatively affected in any way. This fire is extend out into the auric field and out into your immediate reality. This is so that you can become a black flame as you move through this 3D world, clearing everything that enters your field, clearing everything that stands before you on your path.

Music by…

One Mind Body Soul – All 7 Chakras Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones.

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    1. I would say it is essential to listen to Magenta Pixie’s presentation of the Black Flame, as her guidance (from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine) includes all of the background information, cautions and functionality required for safe use of this flame. It is not for everyday use. Blessings

    2. Hi Steve,

      I suffered a lot from a “transmission” of a vax energy from another person with very palpable symptoms. My Guides told me to use the healing with the Black Light! Sergio has been teaching this technique but I use my own version, also calling upon the ‘angelic beings, specialising in this type of work”! It has been very effective! So there is a correlation. Lots of love and big gratitude for this great service to humanity!

  1. Dear steve, the only issue is you will attract negativity to clear by becoming the flame, by nature of what it is. I think this could be very dangerous on an individual level.
    I know many lightworkers who’ve had to stop clearing negativity as so much comes their way. Protect your field and be grounded and pass the external clearing to the vast angelic network. The violet flame can also clear these issues. I think you have to be very careful with this extremely powerful flame, and it’s not one that many people know how to use.

      1. Hi Steve!
        As the White Winged Collective Counsciouness of Nine says, the Black Flame is for protection and it is a place of reset. It is for assisting our body to download new plasma immunity codes! For sure we need to do it and do it with all raibow sprectum flames too! Especially with the flames they suggest!

        The Nine also says that the black flames is as the same nature energy of the black cristals like turmaline, hermatites, etc. cristals. So it not scary or dangerous! It is about the New Plasma immunity and the black Flame!
        Thanks to the Nine, I did not even imagine it all !!!!

        How about creating more meditation with all these colourful flames angels, dear Steve?

        See Video: 19:38 ( The video explain very well)

        19:39 The Nine Being says on the video:”The black Flame it is a reboot – the black flame is an override system. …
        it is a techique of high mastery to be utilized when needed in order to assist your physical body to download new plasma immunity codes.
        However there is no need for reboot your energetic matrix all the time, as you don´t reboot your devices all the time. (You know when there is the need to repeat it!)

        19:57 we suggest working with all these flames: black, white, and all colors along the rainbow spectrum including the silver, gold and rose gold flames.

        20:12 accompanying the flamework with archetypal hero imagery such as the excalibur sword of truth, the uincorn the lion the rose the dragon the trinity symbols such as the infinity 8, sig and the triquetra all hold their places within the development of new earth plasma cosmic immunity for these are DNA codes, DNA language and DNA messengers. They are scripts which show the DNA how to act and move and construct. Your very soul is intertwined with this light language for the DNA is your soul, it is yur guidance system and it is source counciousness or god if you will it is the road map…
        Thanks You so much, Dear Steve!!!

        1. I experience the black flame like liquid obsidian or any other powerful black crystal, magnetizing low energy and dissolving it. I literally felt the way low vibrations energies were sucked in by the flame. So powerful. There is nothing dangerous about it.

  2. Thank you, thank you Steve! For always helping us and especially through these challenging times!
    Love and Blessings <3 + +

  3. Fantastic meditation as always! Very cleansing, just what I needed, thanks so much and blessings to you Steve.

    1. I have been in this energy of black fire energy for very long and it is welcoming to see it being recognised, but as with all things primordial you need to respect it and use it wisely or it will take over.

  4. Brilliant. I really felt this clearing deeply and went totally out. I was unaware of the Black Fire and Zero Point energies until now. This is so timely as I have been affected in the same way you and your partner have been with throat issues and other related problems.

    Many blessings upon you for sending this out to us. Much Love

  5. This is very dangerous. The black flame is the flame of the abyss and death and the flame that dark Qlippothic sorcerers use. I’m not sure if this flame can be used positively. If you Google Black Flame Sorcery you will see lots of links to satanic and demonic websites. I watched Magenta Pixies video on the black flame and got a bad feeling. I don’t trust it. Please be careful.

    1. Before putting it out I tried it on myself for a few days and found it very purifying and useful considering what the world is going through now. Black magicians have long used elemental forces for their magic but this does not mean that we must disconnect from the elements. How could we live without air, fire, water and earth. Electricity can kill just as it can light a house. Do not be afraid of the dark, their time has passed. We are in the time of the ascendence of the light. Sx

      1. Thank you Steve for the care you took to make sure that your intention to create a helpful meditation, not a harmful one, was in fact safe and beneficial before publishing it. Intention is everything – whether that’s when connecting with someone and creating a relationship, starting a creative project, or performing a magical ritual. Black magicians are ‘service-to self’ and use their tools and visualisations with harmful intention to others . My intention for the black flame is that it is like charcoal in a water filter, drawing out impurities, and the flame action is like burning off dross.

  6. Thankyou as always Steve for everything that you do when I first started out on this path I did a workshop with a guided meditation asking for our “signature “ colour to come through, mine was black and very welcome and felt like liquid chocolate to my energy field
    You are magic and for luck , hahaha

  7. thank you, Steve! I think we all have been so brainwashed into believing anything black is always bad. thank you for this meditation!
    I would like to notify the community that the vaxx can have a mind control component to it especially if you are a targeted individual or a person of interest. they might have given a special vaxx to those in your circle for mind control. I know someone who has received only the first vaxx and she is already under mind control which keeps directing her to ask a set of specific question repeatedly from the dark force. I can even feel the energy shift as the dark force repeatedly making her asking me the same questions repeatedly. and, this person doesn’t even aware that this is happening! beware of unusual behaviour of the jabbed. the dark force like to abuse “implied consent” and they can get the Jabbed to ask you question they want to know. pay attention to the energy shift. you can always withdraw all consents and all implied consents asap afterward if you realized you gave an “implied consent” unknowingly. they are cunning.

  8. Steve, this was super strong. Loved it. Thank you so much. Btw I felt a deep connection to you and your work when I saw you on the Circle of 12. This meditation was so amazing, I immediately felt the Angels as you invoked them. It is not always that one feels it so strong. This was huge.

  9. I came across this website as I am researching ”black sacred flame” because I am seeing it with my mind’s eye in my auric field these days and I feel it thick and powerfull and I’ve never heard of it before , I am very curious.. and my guides are not the talkative type.. just activating things on me

  10. Is the black flame/fire/light same as ultra-violet flame/fire/light? Are they just one?

    Or are they totally different? If so, what is their difference?

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