The Throat Chakra has two main functions, the first is around all forms of self-expression in the world, the second concerns that of aligning with our soul mission. At this time many Starseeds are experiencing interference in the Throat Chakra preventing them from fully expressing their authentic light and voice, and preventing them from stepping out of the spiritual closet to more fully engage with their soul mission. In this meditation we invite a number of angels and angelic fires to clear, cleanse, protect and uplift the Throat Chakra.

Together we clear all interference, cording, psychic debris, and any agreements that limit your throat from the bloodlines and from any lifetime. We also call Black Angelic fire to clear all interference due to the current global situation including all toxic shedding that might interfere with the throat. We ask your Higher Self to rectify any interference or reverse spin in this chakra. Solar Fire Angels are also called to add another dimension of clearing.
Finally, we as your Higher Self to give a symbol of protection and a symbol to activate a greater degree of personal expression and alignment with your soul mission.

Music by Laurentiu Flore, Throat Chakra Note G (6Hz Theta).


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