This transmission works with….

This your Team in Spirit, Archangels and beings of light connected to the Golden Age Healing Temples of Lemuria.

What this transmission is about…

We call on these Lemurian beings of light to create a doorway in time, that leads to the golden age of Lemuria. This doorway leads to a landscape that contains an inland mountainous region. On some of the highest peaks are Lemurian Blue Crystal Healing Temples.

In this temple there are healing rooms. In one of these rooms, on a crystal bed, you have the opportunity to open to heaving waves of
crystal blue healing energy. If there is any healing you need then ask for this energy to be sent to this area which can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – you can also send this healing light to a situation you are involved with.

At a certain point you have the choice to invite another person who needs healing into the chamber. Then the two of you feel the clearing and healing energies of crystal blue light. Allow this light to release what needs to be released, and to open and activate what needs to be opened and activated.

Music by…

Corey White, One Mind Body Soul called Astral Projection Binaural Beat + Isochronic Tone


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