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Starseed-Moldavite Transmission: Sending Angelic Light to Your Heart and Third Eye.

“This light carries the remembrance of what you are here to do. You are here to awaken from the 3D sleepy world. You are here for a particular form of service. You are here to know your true light, your true gifts. You are here to participate in this great awakening of humanity.”

Moldavite Crystal….

Moldavite is a stone sought out by many Starseeds. Moldavite is technically a Tektite, which is a group of impact glasses formed by meteorite impacts. Moldavite was formed from the heat from an asteroid impact around 15 million years ago. Moldavite is known as “The Holy Grail Stone” because of its high vibration and intense frequency. It’s also nicknamed “The Stone of Transformation” as it’s an amazing transformation crystal. Many people consider moldavite to have come to Earth to help the planet shift beyond its low vibrational state. Moldavite contains metaphysical properties that enable you to bend time, which is why many find the stone useful when exploring timelines, past, parallel, or future. Healers use moldavite to clear the aura of any undesirable baggage from other lifetimes.

In this transmission…

We call on Archangel Raphael and all angels working with Moldavite to transmit a healing and awakening light to your heart and third eye. This healing and awakening light is then transmitted to all past selves, your young adult, adolescent, child self and the self that is in the womb of your mother.

Music by..

Laurentiu Florea – Third Eye Chakra Note A (3Hz Delta)


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  1. good morning, unfortunately for this video and also for that of “Merlino” the subtitles in Italian are not available. is it possible that something can be done about it? of course, anyway a lot of thanks .. Namastè.

    1. Wow! Stumbled upon this. Rarely on YouTube. Love moldavite, went and grabbed my stones. Have long felt an affinity to archangel Raphael, healer. Transition spiral through each self crystal clear. The auric field blessing of safety was not light, which is typical, but the consistency more of jelly! Totally new to me. Perhaps if one could be within a permeable piece of moldavite, it would be like that. Very very pleasant experience. I am here with the primary gift in transition. Yet I find it easy to sink back to a lower frequency. However, when existing in higher frequency it is so easy to love every individual you see and to easily experience beautiful joy.
      Steve, I give thanks for your gift today.
      Love and blessings. Love and blessings. Lisa

  2. I couldn’t help but smile when Rafael’s symbol changed as I’ve been wearing a Moldavite crystals at my lower Heart Chakra’s almost a year and another larger one at my upper Heart Chakra’s for about a half a year now. Thank you Steve for all that you do, I found this particular meditation to be profoundly healing and deja vu.

  3. I have only been drawn to this stone and rhodisite. Perfect timing as I am currently in the middle of a deep heart inner child healing cycle that has a timeline of three more months. I’ve been at this movie able to claps the timeline thank you

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