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Golden-Peach/Golden-Turquoise Angelic Light Transmission: Smoothing the Emotional and Mental Bodies.

This transmission was released just prior to the 11/11 Gateway in 2021.

It is designed to clear, heal and uplift the emotional and mental bodies with angelic light.

What are the Emotional and Mental Bodies?

Your emotional body is a fluid field of energy that surrounds and penetrates the physical body. This is your fluid and flowing field of emotional energy and contains the entire spectrum of your emotions. This field can also pick up emotional energies from others. The emotional body can be inclusive, empathetic, open, and non-judgmental toward others. On the other hand the emotional body can display a general lack of emotional intelligence, empathy and trust. There can be anxiety and fear present as well as anger, rage or unresolved grief.

Your mental body is a fluid field of energy that surrounds and penetrates the physical and emotional bodies. This contains your thoughts, ideas, opinions, judgements, visions, dreams, beliefs and stories. This field can also pick up thoughts and other mental energies from others. This field can allow for solution focused thinking, concise communication, clarity, focus, insight and innovation. On the other hand there can be great confusion, brain fog, worry, lethargic thinkling, self-doubt, lack of direction/purpose, and feelings of low esteem and low worth.

The Focus of These Two Angelic Light Energies.

Gold-Peach angelic light clears the sacral chakra and the emotional body of any lower energies, protecting your field from emotional and sexual energetic intrusions. Golden -Turquoise Angelic clears the throat chakra and the mental body from mental or psychic energy that does not belong to you. Clearing all judgements, opinions and criticisms that does not need to be there and serves no useful purpose. Finally, these two angelic streams work together to clear any entanglements between the emotional and mental bodies to allow a greater smoothness of flow between the two.

Music by…

Laurentiu Florea – Chakra Healing (Pebbled Ocean Waves, 3Hz Delta Binaurals)

Design by…

Huw Mathias, (Graphic Designer).

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  1. I am relishing this meditation and I am so grateful. Just received your new book from Amazon! Thank you for who you are and all that you share, Steve!

  2. I’m unable to login to gain access to your free ebooks and spiritual resources. It keeps saying “your submission failed because of an error.”

    (I changed my name and other email addresses but still no luck).

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