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The Venusian Starseed Transmission

Venusian Starseeds…

Many Starseeds on the earth have a connection with Venus. Many on the earth-plane have passed through Venus as part of the process of down stepping their vibration to the denser vibration of the earth-plane.

What is this Transmission About?

This is a transmission of light from the planet Venus Herself, assisted by Archangels from Venus, as well as a transmission of assistance from 6D Masters of Light from Venus.

6D Venusian Races…

Within the higher dimensions of the planet Venus there exist 6D races that have a focus to help the earth at this time. They are here to help with the chosen destiny of earth, to ascend beyond war, violence, and greed. They can help earth become a higher vibrational civilisation guided by love and wisdom.

What to Expect in this Venusian Starseed Transmission…

Together we will invite Archangels from Venus to transmit a Pearlescent Pink ray into your energy fields.

This includes a symbol of light from Venus which is sent to the bones, blood, shoulder joints, wrists, hip joints, and ankles. Then to the etheric body starting with the third eye chakra to expand vision of what is possible. Then to the heart chakra to release trauma such as heartbreak. Also, to the sacral chakra to release sexual trauma. 

The archangels from Venus and Masters of Light create a golden/white/ pearlescent pink double-sided pyramid. One point up to the heavens and one point down to the Crystalline grid.

The New Human Template…

The Masters of Light assist you in embracing the New Human Template which is the shift from a carbon based body into a more crystalline body. This is the destiny of humanity, from 2-strand DNA to 12 strands. This process is aided by sending the symbol of Venus deep into the cells and DNA.

Finally, there is a transmission of light out around the planet. This is sent to all other Starseeds who have a connection to Venus.

The Five Petals of Venus…

The symbol used in this transmission is a 5-pointed petal shaped star. It is useful to note that when plotted geocentrically – from an Earth-centered perspective – there is a pattern that can be seen in the motion of the planet Venus. This is known as the eight-year cycle of Venus, and this cycle was known to, and of great interest to, ancient peoples such as the Maya. This orbit takes the shape of a pentagram or Five Petals of Venus. This symbol is used in this transmission.

Music by….

Rebecca Reads – The track is entitled Venus Healing.

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  1. From your writing I see that you are awake to the satanic (NASAt) lie of helio-centric globe model of Earth which is so important to expose through the wisdom of all our ancients (you mention a few) who knew exactly what our PLANE is and how the sun, moon and stars work/move inside and beyond the firmament .

    Ok I’ll shut up and listen to the transmission now 🙂

    Blessings to your soul Steve!

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