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Negative Ego Parental Selves Upgrade Meditation.

The Triad of Vulnerability and Power.

This meditation is designed to bring light, healing and relief to three inner aspects of your ego-personality. The first is your inner wounded child, the second is your inner mother and the third is your inner father. This triad of vulnerability and power will be explored and transformed in this meditation.

Bringing More Light to Our Ego Selves…

In this time of ascension it is important that we dedicate some time to bringing more light to our ego personality selves. The ego is not one thing, it is a gestalt of many energies, some we could call primary and some disowned. In 3D we grow up believing we are our ego-personality. Awakening helps us to break free of the rigidity and masks of the ego to embrace a larger sense of self. One that is connected to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.

In This Meditation…

we invite some inner aspects for an upgrade in love and light. Firstly the wounded inner child or inner child selves that feel hurt or afraid or frozen in time in some way. We also call your inner parental selves, your inner mother and father. These are aspects that you have absorbed while growing up that contain the negative stories and beliefs, the limiting attitudes and perspectives of your parents. (If you were adopted then your adopted parents may be represented by these aspects. If you had a stepmother or stepfather who was more present in your life than a biological parent then that energy may appear in this meditation.)

Music by…

Matías Romero Acuña, IntuiSound Studio and the track is called – All 7 Chakras Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones.

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