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The Aquarian-Christ Transmission: Clear Piscean-Christian Programming and Receive a New Blessing of Light.

Two thousand years ago the Piscean Christ-Avatar planting a seed of light deep within the density of the 3D Matrix.

This created a new possibility of light and it also created considerable volatility and chaos as the new seed of light expanded within the old dense paradigm. Now we are at the promised time of ascension, the return of the Aquarian Christ-Avatar. This time the return is not in one World Teacher but come through a collective awakening of consciousness.

In this Remastered Transmission…

You will connect to your own personal karmic story with the Piscean Christ-Avatar. Then clear all karmic programming, agreements, trauma, and interference. This allows you to open up to the final part of the transmission where you connect with the energy of the returning Aquarian Christ-Avatar.

Music by….

Katie Jane: “This track has the frequency of the Element of Gold, converting the spectral data into audible sound & putting down the octave into our range of hearing.. It’s amazing. The benefits of Gold for the human system include: – Improving blood circulation, skincare treatment, regulating body temperature, anti-inflammatory, maintenance of joints as well as being a key element in the transmittal of electrical signals throughout the body! The crystal singing bowls used are Gold Bowl, Imperial Topaz and Larimar – for connecting to higher truth, self expression, forgiveness and radiating a healing and loving energy. My intention is to channel a connection to Higher Angelic beings of light, and a direct link to Source Consciousness – open your mind & body, soften your heart and go within, to go Home. “


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  1. I have been looking at the time and been getting angel numbers for about a year and am trying to figure out what this all means. I’m spiritual for sure, but not religious. Mother is Christian and paternal grandmother was devout Christian as well. I am drawn to your spiritual coaching and found this meditative piece today. And it was comforting, calming, and grounding. Thank you!

  2. The Thanks I send to You are not countable. Like our souls and being they are eternaly and borderless. Mahalo and Aloha (hawaiian, aloha is breathing, being together with Our Primary Source) Sigrid

  3. I have committed to doing one (at least) of these a week. So much gratitude for these and all that you do for Humanity and Gaia and Ascension Dearest most Beloved Steve!! XO

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