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Protected: RECORDING Webinar: Clearing the Atlantean-Egyptian Timeline. February 2023

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  1. Wow! This was amazing. I listened to the recording because I was driving to work during the webinar. A few things came up to be released and a few memories to help me understand some past lives.
    Many many thanks Steve.

  2. A few things to mention starting with a big thank you, I would have never known about those moments of “I’ll never do it again” contracts in between incarnations.
    I know of novations and amended contracts, copies of copies that have been altered and filed, called those into the fire as well.

    I have been under a psychic attack the since the airing of this get together. I have come to the innerstanding that it came with the astral travels to and fro, (I thought I was moving from heart space so not to pick up debre, wrong!) it didn’t click in my brain until I was guided to do the session again this morning (making sure my monadic blueprint has been replaced leaving the old trauma one behind so all healing occurs in the new blueprint, book- “beyond ascention – How to complete the 7 lvls of initiation)

    It is vital for the statement (for me) to speak “I am invisible to all that wish ill will, mistchief or malice” to remove my essence before returning to awakened state.
    Too many times I have seen (and been a part of) returning with uninvited guests.
    I believe this is why I was lead back to the meditation this morning.
    Either learn or be schooled.

    Well. I have learned to rebuke all of Satan, his clones, the devil and his clones and their armies as well. Something happened this morning that made me realize they weren’t all gone because I didn’t think about the protocol I have come to learn. “Jesus healed that already Satan, take it and go!” Instantly felt the energy shift and gone back to the healthy self GOD intended when Jesus gave his life. It is why he gave his life. Please people dont forget the God of gods who intended to have us all back, whole and complete- with-him.
    All glory to Adonai and his son Jesus.

    Thank you for reading, God bless you and your family.

  3. This was so good Steve, thank you for holding this. I wonder if there would be much demand for a Lyran-Draconian war clearing? I would definitely attend that 🙂

  4. I signed up for this because I had some bad feeling towards Atlantean energy. I was wondering if you are aware of or perhaps have spoken about tension and conflict between Lemurian and Atlantean energy? I had a pretty detailed journey experience with what I believe May have been dark Atlantean energy but in essence they were in enslaving lemurians trying use their energy for their work. I don’t see many people talking about this and it’s always left me feeling odd because so many seem to love Atlantean energy and I know it to be bad. The way you explained the dark Atlantean energy made it make more sense to me now and it’s shifted my connection. Thank you.

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