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Morning Prayer to the Winged Solar Disk

The Winged Solar Disk…

Without the Sun, there is no life, there is just nothingness and darkness. The Ancient Egyptians saw the Sun as being key to their collective wellbeing. The Egyptian symbol of the winged sun was a symbol of royal power. It also represents the soul without physical form.

The Egyptian Myth of the Sun…

This concerned the Solar God Ra who brought the Sun into the skies every single day. According to Egyptian myth, the main duty of Ra, the solar deity, was to carry the sun cross the sky on his Solar Boat to light the day. This boat was known as the boat of a million years. Sunset and twilight represented the time when Ra and his vessel passed beyond the horizon, in the west, to begin the journey through the underworld. There, according to the myth, he would sail on the subterrestrial River Nile and cross through the twelve gates and regions. In the underworld he would meet and defeat the serpent energies of the lower astral worlds to emerge once again victorious at dawn.

This Morning Daily Blessing…

The God Ra represents the energy of the outgoing age of Patriarchal rule. In this morning blessing we call upon the Goddess Isis and her warrior son Horus to bless us with the golden radiance of this day.

This daily blessing calls upon the power of the sun to bless the earth and to bless your day with a new vibration of possibility and magic.

Hail, Great Winged Solar Disk….

“You cleave a path among the never-resting stars in the heavens. Great and noble winged Solar Disk, who rises and illuminates from the east each morning to birth a new day. Beloved Horus rides with you birthing a new light, a new power on the earth. This light, this power banishes an ancient darkness. A darkness that has infested the earth for thousands of years.

Hail, Horus…

Hail, Great Winged Solar Disk, also known as the Solar Boat of a Million Years, with each rising of your light, the rule of chaos and confusion is coming to an end on the planet. Beloved Horus you birth this day with light. You clear the way with light. You banish darkness. You birth a new light in the minds of those with eyes to see and ears to listen. With each new day the rising power of the sun brings a new possibility, a new magical vibration upon the earth.

You Come as a Stargate…

Hail, Great Winged Solar Disk, hail Great Solar Boat of a Million Years, you come as a stargate, opening the earth to new energies. The light of other suns shine through you. The light of the Central Sun of the Pleiades, the Great Central Sun of Sirius. Through this portal comes other helpful energies. The archangels of the three suns are shining their light upon the earth now. The light of the Goddess is returning after a long absence. Her return comes to rebalance the energies of the earth.

Hail, Great Winged Solar Disk, hail Great Solar Boat of a Million Years, At this time of ascension, your rays bring a new hope, a new communication to the earth. A communication from the stars, a communication from other star races. A communication from beings of light who have ascended from lower frequency worlds.

Hail Great Goddess Isis…

Hail, Great Winged Solar Disk, hail Great Solar Boat of a Million Years, Great Isis, your light shines through the golden disk of the sun. With the emergence of your light this morning, we bathe in your golden power, your golden majesty. The power of the sun now shines with the light of the Divine Feminine, bringing and end to war on the planet, bringing a new  honouring to all of all kingdoms of Gaia once more.

Horus, Child of Wonder…

Beloved Isis, Great Mother of the Sun, and beloved Horus, great child of wonder, you ride the Great Winged Solar Disk. With your daily rising the earth is kissed once again with light. Isis, your wings spread across the sky and your light touches the horizon in all directions. We greet the Divine through the rays of the rising sun.

Clear Me this Day…

Hail, Great Winged Solar Disk, hail Great Solar Boat of a Million Years, I call upon Isis and Horus and the power of the rising sun to clear me this day. I call to you to untangle old karmic threads, release me from karmic entanglements, burn away old karmic programs, release me from any ancient promises and agreements. Burn away anything that binds me to suffering. Destroy all of this in your golden radiance.

Bless Me this Day…

Hail, Great Winged Solar Disk, hail Great Solar Boat of a Million Years, beloved Isis and beloved Horus, bless me this day with your golden touch. This touch that brings a great peace a great joy to my being, peave and joy to the very core of me, peace and joy to the bones and blood of my body. My chakras gently open like flowers greeting the morning sun. Greeting this new vibration of peace and joy.

As I greet the rays of the morning sun, may my path be cleared. May my thoughts be illuminated by this rising light. May my words and actions be illuminated. As my day begins may it be blessed with great .ease and grace.

Blessed Be.

Music by…

Corey White (One Mind Body Soul)and the track is called Christ Consciousness 285Hz.

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  1. Thank you Steve for your mission on this planet. My true serine, without a name, my I AM travelled first in a bundle of reeds, then in a golden bowl through the stillness of the waters into the horizon, to the sun. PEACE INSIDE. THANK YOU, Steve. Thank you so much, for this Morning Prayer. It seemed as if the soul had only been waiting for this prayer.

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