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Higher Light Decree: Quadruple Grids Technique (Spacial)

This Higher Light Decree…

This decree is for spaces only, your car, home or workplace. If you use on the car you can infuse protection but do not infuse invisibility for obvious reasons. Please remember to add whatever qualities you want banished or infused in the space provided. It is fine to use the decree while you are in the space. You can also use it when you are away from the space being cleared. This technique can be used at any time but is particularly effective after completing the “Space Clearing Transmission: Clear and Uplift Any Structure, Space, Land.”

*****Do not use this decree on your own energy fields*****

Spinning Out Energies…

Spin out energies that are adversely affecting you, e.g. density, cellular memory, obsolete DNA encodements, implants, devices, obsolete pictures of reality, dark force seed thoughts, scarcity, struggle, hopelessness, stress, anger, resentment, fear, hatred, spite, miscommunication, thought-forms, astral entities and so on. For the workplace you can include spinning out competition, ego, manipulation, secrecy, enemy patterning, miscommunication, excessive individualism, frustration, dissatisfaction and control. Then use the decree to infuse more beneficial energies into the space such as compassion, harmony, peace, clarity, gentleness, connection, mastery, sovereignty, intimacy, honesty, love etc.

Angelic Outreach…

This technique is based on the Quadruple Grid Technique developed by Angelic Outreach as originally channeled through Tachira Tachi-ren via Archangel Ariel.

Legions of Michael…

These are the angelic forces associated with Archangel Michael. They are good at infusing energy into a structure and maintaining the structure itself.

Destroyer Force Angels…

These angelics forces go into the deepest parts of the Karma Game and cut the pathway for light to emerge into its next highest level.

Ze’Or Continuum…

These are a group of beings who originate from another universe. They are pure-energy beings, and they are the sentient embodiment of physical forces, such as gravity, electricity, magnetics, thermals, etc. They have come to assist Earth and her inhabitants through the electromagnetic shifts we are experiencing in preparation for Zero Point. They are always available to assist upon request.

Circle Security…

They are like the cosmic traffic police. Their job is to set up, keep clear and maintain inter-dimensional and inter-universal communication grids.

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4 Responses

  1. “Legions of Michael: grid level one spherical the space. Destroyer Force Angels: grid level two spherical the space. Ze’Or Continuum: grid level three, spherical the space. Circle Security: grid level four, spherical the space.”

    You will feel the spherical grids form around the space.

    “Destroyer Force Angels, Spin your grids spinning out all energies of previous occupants, astral distortions, astral entities, adverse Feng Shui and adverse Vaastu influences, geopathic stress, interfering electromagnetic frequencies, adverse astrological and numerological influences, limiting consensus reality beliefs, conflict, expectation, frustration, sadness, shame, guilt, mistrust, fear, worry, disharmony, anger, miscommunications, enemy patterning, scarcity, loneliness, shock, trauma, stress, viruses, funguses, bacteria, and anything else that hasn’t been mentioned in this or any other language that needs to leave the space at this time.” (Fill in anything else you feel needs to leave depending on situation)
    You will feel the field spinning in one direction and lots of energy residue leaving it.

    Wait for field to completely clear. It will then slow down. When you feel it is done say: “Reverse spin same stuff”

    You will feel a pause as the field changes direction. Let it run until it has cleaned out the remaining energy then say:
    “Legions of Michael infuse your grid with the energies of Grace, Purity, Hope, Faith, Liberty, Peace, Harmony, Mercy, Rapture, Love and Victory Elohim, love, intimacy, the Unified Chakra, clarity, full connection to Spirit, tolerance, clear communication, health, abundance, following Spirit without hesitation, mastery, sovereignty, serenity, centredness, joy, wisdom, groundedness, stability, focus, surrender, living Heaven on earth and anything else that hasn’t been mentioned in this or any other language, which needs to be in the space at this time”.

    When the field feels full of all the infused energy say: “Seal Grid thank you”.

    “Ze’Or Continuum, Harmonise the frequencies of all electronic devices in my space to my fields. Align all electromagnetic and gravitational frequencies to the energies of the people in the space. Thank you.”

    “Circle Security, Realign and reharmonise the upper dimensional grids clearing all parasites and distortions off the grids. Infuse frequencies for clearer communication with Spirit”
    “Seal Grid thank you”

  2. Hi Steve
    May I use this for the apt and property of attached house where my son lives of I receive permission?
    And where should I ask for that permission?
    Thank you
    You are helping me to learn and grow so much!

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