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The Goddess Hera-Medusa Transmission: Reclaiming the Dark Feminine.

The Myth of Medusa…

Many are familiar with the myth of Medusa, her rape, subsequent transformation in a monster with serpent hair and her defeat by the warrior Perseus who weaponised her dark power by cutting off her head. This is an old myth representing the demonisation of female power and sexuality.

The Symbology of the Snake…

Before the rise of monotheistic, patriarchal cultures the Snake was considered a sacred symbol of the goddess and of the earth. With patriarchy the snake fell from a symbol of divinity to one of evil. This theme is found over and over again in many Indo-European myths. In the Medusa myth the Goddess Athena cursed and banished Medusa, and later received her severed head from Perseus. (The winged horse, Pegasus, was said to be born from her death-throes). Medusa represents a more ancient image of Athena, one as a Snake Goddess. The symbolism of snake and earth Goddess can be seen in other myths. For instance, the python at Delphi was sacred to Apollo after he slew it since it represented a more ancient Earth Goddess. In this time of the rise of the Goddess energy, the Medusa is welcomed back along with her ancient earth power and magic.

Who is this Transmission for?

This remastered transmission is for both men women, it goes beyond your current gender. This transmission is an affirmation of the returning light and power of the Goddess. Not in vengeance or domination but a return to unity between the masculine and feminine.

In this Transmission…

We transform this patriarchal myth into one of healing. We call upon the Goddess Hera and angelic support for a personal clearing of feminine disempowerment and feminine rage then of collective disempowerment and feminine rage. Hera is an ancient Goddess whose veneration predates the invasion of Greece by Dorians and other Hellenic speaking tribes that introduced the worship of Zeus and other Gods.

More about this Recording…

Recorded in East Sussex, England within the energy of the Summer Solstice, 20th June 21.

The Medusa music track is by Katie Jane,

More Information…

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17 responses

  1. SOOOO powerful! Steve I cannot thank you enough. The depth, feeling and emotion of this Transmission goes beyond words. I could feel eons of pain being released from Medusa while her healing was taking place. She transformed into the most beautiful being! I do feel I will need to repeat this though. Just too deep to be able to absorb one time-too much healing needed. Have never experienced anything like this. Just cannot find the right words. This transmission is so very important and that I much I know. Grateful to you as always!!! Love & Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for this Amazing and Powerful Transmission. Divine Synchronicity for me. I was able to release All. Love and Blessings to Steve and Katie James

  3. What an extraordinary meditative and healing experience – Archangel Michael walked down the steps before me to a mossy, damp cave and when the raging Medusa arrived in the temple with the protective light around it she was gradually transformed into a golden brown haired goddess radiating peace and my small blue flowered offering turned into a sheaf of corn and she held a baby in her other arm then Hera and she embraced and took my hands too saying come sister – thank you so much for this first powerful experience with the soul matrix

  4. WOW! I saw the doorway as bright blue, even before you invoked the blue angels – one of the most visual meditations I have done, which indicates to me it was very powerful. So glad Medusa was contained in a protective field when invoked – the rage was cataclysmic. But the healing was so effective that she transformed to a happy, innocent playful young girl. What a wonderful healing to utilise the Solstice turning point energy, affirming and amplifying the healing of the divine feminine and asserting a new era of empowerment. Many blessings Steve, Katie Jane, Ruby and all involved in making this meditation available, and to all joining together in this bold and extraordinary healing intention.

  5. At some point during this meditation process my guide (who appeared as a female), stopped and told me very clearly “sorry we can’t go any further”. I don’t know why and got no explanation. Has anyone got any insights on why this might be? And should I try it again at some stage?

    1. I’ve had a similar experience the meditation keeps getting interrupted after reading Ur comment maybe just respect it?

  6. Thank you for this Steve, it felt a powerful process. Medusa transformed into an auburn haired green eyed beautiful and powerful feminine energy. The gift that came to me from Hera was a White Sea bird – the wings to fly with vision and freedom. Blessings to you for your offerings. Xxx

  7. This was very helpful – I went to the washroom then looked in the mirror and totally adored the person looking back at me – she was just glowing, and had a distinct beauty that shone through her eyes – flawless! I cried silent tears overjoyed with how blessed I am. Thank you so much! The gift I received in the meditation was a green “Z” that looked like it had a tail on it. I assume it is a light code or something. Does anyone know what that one is supposed to symbolize?

  8. Medusa rising. Radiant. Exhilarated. Shining. Pure. Power. Beauty. Whole.

    Thank you. Synchronicity. Love abound.

  9. This is incredibly beautiful and powerful. So grateful to be part of this healing process. Love to all.

  10. Thank you Steve for that wonderful, powerful meditation❣️ My body is still vibrating. I felt so much releasing. I will definitely listen again with my husband.
    You are a blessing✨ I AM Thankful, Grateful and Blessed that you are part of my journey in my life and to everyone else who has found you! Love & LighT

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