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The Merlin Transmission: Knowing More of Your Multidimensional Gifted Self

In this transmission we call The Merlin. Merlin has lived many lifetimes, a few on this planet and many elsewhere. He is connected to the Great White Brotherhood on Sirius.

Merlin invokes a large circular crystal mirror. Perhaps 8 feet across. Merlin invites you to look into this mirror. Light language appears arounds the edge of the mirror. The first vision being offered is that of a lifetime on the earth-plane (or a parallel dimension of the earth-plane) where you developed a skill, talent or gift that is useful in this lifetime. Perhaps an artistic or healing or magical skill.

Then, once this is complete, Merlin bids you look into the mirror once again. This time revealed in the mirror is a lifetime in another dimension or planetary system where you trained in a skill, talent or gift that is useful for this current time of ascension.

Finally, when both lifetimes have been revealed, Merlin places his hands on your shoulders and begins to transmit a message to you.

This transmission came after meeting Merlin while on retreat in Glastonbury in early October 21. He did not say very much but stood behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. He was with me for a few days. it was time for this one. (Recorded in Somerset October 21). Sx

Music by Katherine Jameson (Vibrosound) – The Merlin.



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    1. Namaste Steve:
      You are such a selfless light worker. Much
      appreciations and gratitude for these free meditations and transmission. These has being of great help. I would like to donate to your work . How can I donate?
      Love and light

  1. Hi there. I just saw a comment on YouTube..are you NOT monetized ?? I’m so sorry, is there a link I can use to donate a coffee here and there to you and your tribe? When I can do more, I will..but I have benefited so much from what you put out, I would like to give back of I can. How can I do this .. as in, what would support look like to you ? Thankyou .

  2. Darling Angel of Divine Light,
    Thank you for all your engoldened work and contagious generosity.

    May all of our ancestry be blessed by our collective tuning into this miraculous gravity of Soul.
    ✨ Love & Light ~k


  3. Good morning. meanwhile, I thank you for all the work you are doing, since I discovered you in the evening of “Kryon”, I use your meditations every day. This still failed because subtitles are missing. With another video, same problem, you have solved it so maybe it can be done with this one too. Always grateful. Namastè

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