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Affirmations: Embracing the 5D New Earth Shift. From Fear/Separation to Love/Unity Consciousness

Listen to this affirmations track…

This track can help you embrace the Global Shift in consciousness. This is a shift on the planet from 3D to 5D, from fear to love, from separation to unity consciousness.


It was made December 2016. The second half is repeated subliminally. 

“What an incredible time to be alive. We are here participating in this great global shift. This may seem an uncertain time with much volatility in the world where the only thing that is certain is ongoing change and transition. Many old systems and ways of doing things on the earth are about to be shift. Within the next few years many will feel an impulse to change the way they are living on the earth. This is because we are collectively stepping onto a higher frequency of light and possibility. On the new 5D Timeline-Matrix love prevails, light prevails, consciousness prevails. In 5D the Universal Law of One is the only real law we need live by…..”

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  1. Being one born w many extra sensitivities, & also subjected to many abuses, I find myself attuned to so much before ascension was revealed to me. The more I seek, the “quickening” responds in kind. My concerns are the deepest waters of the mental, social & emotional fallouts of years of abuses & physical disability. I’ve been diligently working on my health & have used the shifts & spirituality making great breakthroughs. My deepest feelings have come to light that I may be too broken in my mental health. Does anyone have true perspective on this shadow area? Grace.

    1. Kristi,
      It’s like you wrote about me with your post. I’ve given up searching for perspective on that shadow aspect to Source. And trust that I have such deep waters in order to help the collective. This is my peace within the inner turmoil right now.

    2. Steve I would like to purchase both a print out and the sound tracks of a few of your transmissions, how can I go about doing that?

  2. Thank you a lot for these wonderful affirmations, it felt really good.
    I’m resonating strongly with each sentence. I’m going to try to listen to this every day to raise my vibrations 🙂

  3. We are in a period where we are straddling two timeline-matrix’s. On the one hand we have the outgoing 3D timeline which has reached its most extreme and concluding phase of violence, manipulation and all manner of abuse to human and environmental kingdoms. The 5D timeline has been with us, growing in force, since really the 60’s. This timeline is growing in power and is causing much to wobble, shift and even collapse on the 3D timeline. In the next few years we are coming to a crunch point where the 3D timeline will go into deeper crisis. Now is the time to release all attachment to the old timeline and to commit to the 5D way of love and unity consciousness.

  4. From what I feel for the next 10-15 years, that’s around 2030-2033, there’ll be about 1.3 billion people left, out of which about 85-90% will be of 4D vibration as souls and about 3.9-4.0D on average vibration for bodies (average is 3.6D now). The rest will die by the collapse of their immune systems and the souls will leave this planet and incarnate in future lives on other 3D planets to continue their 3D experiences, since Terra becoming a 4D planet will be out of reach for them.
    This 4D humanity will progress further and in 250-300 years the majority will reach 5D+ as souls and 5.0D as bodies and that’s when humanity will be confirmed as a 5D civilization. So, until 5D there is still quite a long way to go for humanity through 4D both for souls and bodies … 🙂

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