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Metatronic Healing Light Transmission: Transmitting a Cleansing Healing Light to Another Person

This Transmission…

This remastered transmission (originally uploaded January 2018) is designed to help you experiencing becoming a clear and pure channel for healing energies. These healing energies are transmitted through you and come from the Cosmic Christ Grid which is held by Archangel Metatron and many angelic beings. The space is also held for you by your Higher Self and I Am Presence (Spirit).

Sending Healing Energies to Another….

You can use this transmission to send healing energies to another person no matter where they are in the world. This transmission is designed to send healing for another person who is incarnate. It is better that there is no major emotional issue going on between you, if so then another transmission such as the Ultra-Violet Angelic Transmission would work better. You can use this for a loved one who needs healing. For instance, you may have a good friend or relative who needs healing. You may be a parent of a Starseed who needs some healing help. It is better that you have some emotional connection to the person rather than someone you know through another party.

Importance of Permission…

Before the healing work can begin it is important to ask permission of the other person’s Higher Self. This part is included before the transmission to the other begins. You need to tune in and get a sense whether or not you have permission. If you get a sense of no then do not proceed otherwise if the response feels neutral or positive you can go ahead.

Repeat as Required…

The work focuses on clearing low frequency energies in the physical body and also the energy fields of another person. This transmission includes space for healing two other people. You can repeat this transmission as often as you wish with as many people as you wish. As you work to clear others you also receive a healing and clearing in the process.


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  1. Steve, You are an Angel sent by God. I truly feel blessed to have come across your work and use it for my spiritual growth. May God bless you with lots Love and Light.

  2. Bless You & Thank You for all that you are.
    Sending Pure Divine Love, Light & Rainbow Hugs to you & to all around you

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Powerful meditation, I felt drained, tired and sleepy afterwards. Why? Thanks and blessings.

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