Listen to this podcast-interview with Zoe Davenport on the subject of Collapsing Timelines. This interview finishes with a meditation to connect you with the vastness of your multi-dimensional being. Recorded on June 21, 2017 (Summer Solstice)

  • What is happening now on planet earth now?
  • What are the timelines we are living in now?
  • How can we truly embody multi-dimensional living?
  • Why do our timelines collapse and are called onto different paths so quickly?
  • Do we create or allow new timelines?
  • Why is trust so essential in this process?

Zoe Davenport is a channel, master ascension guide and crystalline grid activator. Her multi-dimensional connection helps to expand her vibration to support those on the ascension path.  Your current reality holds the potential vibration for you to ascend into the ascension mastery.  Zoe assists you to master your pure creative potential by guiding you through your ascension awakening in order to gain access to all that you set out to achieve in this incarnation.

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