Many on the spiritual path are working through issues of their relationship to abundance and success. Films such as ‘The Secret’ and inspirational speakers and channels like Abraham Hicks have brought a new way of looking at manifesting abundance and success. This is all part of the shift from 3D consciousness to 4-5D consciousness.

Money is an energy that many we often seek to understand andmaster. It is important to note that there is a lot of collective anxiety, fear, anger and shame around the topic. And on an individual level, within our 3D bloodlines, there are also energies, programs and agreements that can block abundance. Furthermore, when we add other life karma and trauma into the mix, the potential blocks to money, abundance and success can seem almost insurmountable.

Abundance can mean different things depending on your one’s(a little less personal, ie You have a problem) level of awakening, consciousness, and frequency. On a 3D level, it usually equates with competition, money and material acquisition. On a 5D level, it is more about genuine wealth of flow, manifestation, love, support, opportunities and just pure delight.

This evening (7-9.30pm) is dedicated to help you understand and begin to clear these blocks, programs and agreements in order to open you more powerfully to the emerging possibilities on the planet in this area. It will assist you in getting clearer on what you want and provide you with energetic means to arrive at your desired destinations. As the old 3D Matrix is obviously wobbling pretty badly, there is no better time than in this year of 2018, the year of the Butterfly to shift your energy, vibration and vision into a higher octave of abundance.

This evening begins with a powerful attunement, followed by information and an abundance process and concluded with a powerful energetic transmission.



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