The basic premise of this meditation is that acceptance and awareness are better ways to handle anxiety and fear over avoidance/distraction. This meditation transmutes fear from this lifetime, any energies coming through the bloodlines plus a significant other lifetime. Feel free to repeat this meditation as often as you feel necessary.

Everything is energy. The Latin derivative for the word emotion, ‘emotere’, literally means energy in motion. A leaf, a thought, a building, a project and any emotion you can feel is energy. Emotions are meant to flow like water, otherwise they stagnate within the energy field and turn stagnant or event toxic. Stagnant and toxic energies are experienced in the present, although they have their roots in the past.  Stagnant and toxic energies tend to be projected into the future along with associated negative scenarios and outcomes. This can create various negative dramas. The good news is since emotions are energy they can be transformed and can be channeled towards more useful purposes.


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