This meditation is to assist Starseeds in releasing all attachment to form and therefore all fear of death. It can also be used to help someone prepare for the end of their earth-walk in this incarnation.

Archangel Azrael assists souls to release the physical body and cross over to their next phase of life in the hereafter. Azrael assists the soul in detaching from the etheric and physical bodies, and guides them to the next stage in their journey between lifetimes.

This transmission helps to release any karma, agreements and energies that can be released while still attached to a physical body. This transmission also includes a soul retrieval of all fragmented light that can be called back for healing and reintegration.
This transmission was inspired by Sky who is likely to transit from the body before the end of this year 2020.

Music by Laurentiu Florea, Heart Chakra Note F (9Hz Alpha)



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