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Dark Side of Eros Meditation: Clearing and Aligning Your Sexual Energy with Your Original Essence.

This meditation clears interference with your sexual energy stemming from this lifetime, from your bloodlines, from a bleedthrough from any other lifetime and from negative ET harvesting.

In this time of Global Ascension, there is a growing interest in “Sacred Sexuality” and “Tantra” and this is wonderful. There is also a growing awareness around the many distortions and deceptions around sexual energy in the 3D Mutant Matrix.

When we have intimate relations with another, we are essentially opening up our energy fields to that person. This is a problem for Starseeds where they meet someone who is vibrating at a much lower level and who has been infected with all kinds of lower astral gunk. When this happens the one vibrating much higher than another is opening themselves to all kinds of energetic debris and worst lower astral attachments and implants.

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  1. There are many sexual dynamics that need to be avoided. I will mention just four dynamics to give you an idea of what to avoid:

    1. It is a problem to have relations with anyone with a history of focusing their consciousness on porn. Porn traps a person’s consciousness within lower astral gateways.
    2. Similarly, it is a problem to have intimate relations with anyone with a history of alcohol or drug addiction.
    3. Similarly, it is not advisable for an empath to have relations with a narcissist since they will tend to invade and drain you of your light.
    4. Also, it is not advisable to have relations with anyone involved in astral sex. This is a phenomenon that can happen in meditation or during sleep where a person can be tricked into relations with a lower astral being posing as a light being or a celebrity or some other fantasy object. Some people have been duped into forming relationships with such beings.

    1. What happens if you yourself are the one who has dealt with these things, take addiction for example. I was an addict for 12 years ago got sober going on 8 years ago now. I have done so much healing and am a lightworker/energy worker myself. Thanks.

    2. As an empath and someone with a history of addiction issues, I would ask you to consider the issues. Many, MANY people with addictions are addicted cuz of empathic qualities: and the pain is to much, so it is numbed down. Yes these are issues and energies to be dealt with, but be careful not to put people in a box based on labels. ADHD, Bi Polar etc. The points you raise are to be considered, but the world and the people in it do not benefit but labels.

  2. Steve,

    The following challenging response comes from a place of profound respect for your work and deep gratitude for the contributions your transmissions have made in my healing journey:

    The concepts of practicing “sacred sex”. and avoiding people of certain personality profiles and behavioral histories seems contradictory, at odds with principles of oneness, universal love, and the historical role of sacred prostitution in healing.

    For beginners to the practice, those focused on sex primarily as a vehicles of pleasure, and those still early on the mastery curve of divine connection, sure, but does the divine feminine discriminate against any of her children?

    Sacred Sex offers a healing channel to the divine through the body of an experienced practitioner…and for centuries in the temples of Astarte, ISIS, and Venus, priestesses and priests alike offered themselves sexually to warriors returning from the traumas of combat, lay people of every stripe and background, etc.

    The lonely souls struggling with porn and drug addictions, lost in self-obsession, or in the sway of a lower astral being are the ones that benefit from divine sex the most, for it is often that connection they have been seeking in misguided places.

    1. Hiya,
      Thank you for your perspective. In terms of sacred sex there are certain practises that, in my experience, make for vert challenging partners. If someone is engaged in porn, some other addictive path or astral sex, they cannot pratise sacred sex. They will not be energetically clean or safe. They are aligned with energies and frequencies that make sacred sex impossible. They may wish to change and clear themselves and make themselves a safe partner. After a time then they can engage with those who are energeticaly ‘clean’. If an empath meets a narcissist I can tell you 100 times out of a 100 the empath will suffer. Not only through the behaviour and emotional abuse but also they may pick up lower astral gunk or even entities. There are many lonely souls who are lost. They cannot find themselves by plugging into the light of another. They must find their own light first before they can truly meet the light of another. Sx

      1. Thank you so much for this. I have been working on clearing my sexual energy, and reintegrating It back into my core line of light. I love that you included that it is a part of our core energy. The part of bringing back our soul fragments lost in the giving/taking of our sexual energy is key. I have experienced all 4 of the dynamics you cautioned to avoid, and can affirm they All drained my light & set me back. I thought my light was more powerful than those lower frequency beings, and I was “helping” them by sharing my light. What I have learned is none of us can use each other’s light. We each have our own and it is in the clearing, and expanding of our own Core Light Only, that we raise our frequency. Holding that higher vibration in our own field makes it more possible for those around us to then do the same. We extend a bridge down into the lower frequency that they may choose to walk up, we don’t walk down to their level to get them. You’re work and offerings have been integral to my own process as well as my work with others. Thank you for doing all the clearing and work you do to grow your own light so that you can offer that lovely high frequency to all of us. Blessings! Diana

      2. Thanks Steve. This was a truely healing meditation that would benefit many individuals , if they allowed it. When such a beautiful and sacred union is misused it can through us into chaos and place us in chains

      3. Thank you Steve!
        Your guidance is most helpful! Can you or someone else here please open the topic of astral sex or give tips from where I can find information about it? I feel that I am experiencing something similar but it kind of opens and lifts me not drains me. But I want to stay safe just in case. Thank you and bless you all

  3. Thank you, Steve Nobel!
    The importance of multi-level clearings & purification of our body temples is paramount.
    Spiritual hygiene, protection, and maintenance are increasingly essential.
    This ‘divine intervention process’ of clearing and blessings is deeply needed…
    A wonderful preparation for the resurrection of the ‘spiritose-sextose spiritual body’ ascension activation for all forms of creative endeavors. ( I just channeled the last sentence.)

  4. I cannot express how deeply this affected me and how bright and clean I felt the next day. People I know said I glowed. I have a long history with all the four types you mentioned and had been sexually abused as a child, so this was powerful stuff. I gave up sex and all forms of relationships 8 years ago and have been working on healing myself and moving on. I felt this accomplished that clearing and cleansing for my soul to move past these experiences and feel alive again. I’m not looking for sex but friendship and maybe some form of “love” are welcomed in my life now.

  5. Hi thanks for this Steve. I have been on a journey to heal my sexuality for ten years now, ever since I discovered I was ‘addicted’ to porn, That has largely been healed through the 12 step groups and working the steps, lots of forgiveness, shamanic healing and Reiki self healing. This meditation has helped me to shed another layer, so thank you. I am so grateful that in the last five years I have been able to engage in the most wonderful love partnership of my life. I have also become a holistic teacher and healer and am finally doing what I love.

    One modality I teach is Angelic Reiki. This allows students to access and use the healing energies of Angels and Ascended Masters. It can also use the healing energies of appropriate ET healers to help others – the people they usually come through for are mainly starseeds. If any of my students are markedly interested in this side of Angelic Reiki I always refer them to the many helpful transmissions that you have created over the years.

    Pornography is a growing problem for many, it is one of the main causes for marriages to break down. The growing ease of accessing images and vidoes on the internet has amplified the issue. Thank you for helping more people recognise and address difficult issues they may have within their sexuality.

  6. Hi Steeve, I had all kind of addiction- drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling-. I started curing myself as from 2012 and on the 9th dec 2015, I had a tremendous “crise”, it was like I was dying and I saw the white light and from then everything get different. I have more energy and obviously is a different person. There are things I can’t even explain.

    Did you meet other people who saw the white light and can you help me in canalizing all that energy. I know I need to do something big for all but I’m still searching what..



  7. Hi all, I have been recovering for a year now after giving away my divine sex to an individual who I thought I was helping. He turned out to be a narcissist as well as parasitic relationship and this has drained me to the core. I thought my power was strong and I was doing Steve’s meditations in the past but its been a deep, deep shadow journey back to this point. I would not under any circumstances ever ever do this again. Im still recovering after the anxiety, trauma, grief and rejection..

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