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The Wild God Transmission: Embracing the Shaman, Warrior, Lover, Sage.

Who this meditation is for…

This meditation is for men and women who wish to strengthen their connection to the archetypes of the Wild Masculine. This meditation is for men who want to feel more connected to their authentic core. It is also for women who want a more vital relationship with their masculine energy.

We invoke four masculine archetypal energies…

We call the ancient Celtic Goddess Danu. Also on the archangels of the horizontal and vertical planes to hold the space for this process. Then we invoke four archetypal energies: the shaman, warrior, lover, and sage.

The issue with Patriarchal culture..

Both men and women have been disconnected from the archetype of the Wild Masculine. This is because it has been viewed, for cultural/religious reasons as being uncivilised, dangerous, and even evil. Yet, everything in existence is a dance between yin and yang which are opposite and complementary forces. Every being on the planet contains both feminine and masculine energies.

Within Patriarchal culture, both women and men has been conditioned to believe in a transcendent God that rules the earth like some distant landlord. Patriarchal culture including patriarchal religions have created limiting hierarchies, where those at the top dominate those below. At the top of these structures are the Popes, the Kings, the Presidents and Prime Ministers.

In such systems, men are conditioned to disconnect from their bodies and feelings to overcome physical discomfort, pain, and fear. They are taught that boys do not cry, that grown men should be hard and not soft. So men (and some women) grow up focusing more on thinking and less on feeling. The Wild Masculine is untamed and free, dancing beyond the vice grip of patriarchal systems.

In our civilised world we have lost touch with the wildness of the life force, we have lost touch with the Wild Feminine and Masculine. The energy of the Wild Masculine can be found dancing through the mountains, wildflowers, sun and stars.

Music by…

Chris Collins – Binaural Journey

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  1. Your meditation s are so perfectly timed.

    I yearn for one to soothe my grief for the brokenness of our families due to holding strong opposing views at this time. One for tolerance and pulling together.

    Thank you so much for your lovely work

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