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Higher Light Decree: Clearing False Crucifixion Patterning.

What are Higher Light Decrees?

Higher Light Decrees are statements or declarations of intention to the Universe. They could be considered as a very focused form of prayer, though they are not here made to some unknown deity spoken about in some religious text. These are declarations or prayers to Universal Intelligence of which you are part. They are made to God/Goddess All That is, your Teams in Spirit including your OverSoul, Higher Self and all helpful Archangels and beings of light.

About this Track…

This track is designed to remove all energetic and psychic blocks and interference to your path of ascension created by the crucifixion story, and by any associated religious idea, teacher, dogma, church or path whether in this lifetime or any lifetime across space and time. This is a direct request to clear all dark rituals associated with the story plus any negative and limited programming associated with the betrayed and crucified Christ. It is a prayer to the Universe to remove all psychic impediments including any interference in your aura, chakra and meridian system.

The Invocation Begins…

I call upon God/Goddess All That Is. I call upon my OverSoul, Higher Self and Team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance to witness, assist, and activate this decree. I call upon on my Star Brothers and Sisters in the Universe to assist me in this decree. I call on Archangel Michael and all angels working with Michael to be present during this decree. I call on Metatron and all Archangels from the Great Central Sun working with Metatron to be present during this decree. I invoke the Ascension Grid, of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and I call on all ascended beings within that grid to assist me in this decree.

I invoke Archangel of the Three Suns, archangels of the Great Central Sun of Sirius, archangels of the Central Sun of the Pleiades, and Archangels of our local Sun. I invoke all Archangels of the Horizontal and Vertical force planes. I call upon all Elohim and Seraphim. Violet and Ultraviolet fire angels. I call upon angels working with sacred geometry.

I call upon and invoke the Crystalline Grid of Gaia for assistance and support during this process. And all angelic beings within that grid

I call upon Violet and Ultraviolet fire angels and Archangels of the Three Suns to create a triple shield of angelic fire around my energy fields. Around that shield I call a 64-point star silver crystalline tetrahedron to protect my fields during this decree.

Releasing Blocking Agreements…

I call upon my Teams in Spirit, release all blocking agreements connected to any form of limitation or interference by false religious paths, false doctrines, false teachings, false teachers, false light beings, that create distortions or disconnects with my spiritual path, connection to the Christ energy, the Cosmic Christ Grid and any and all beings of light assisting the earth and humanity at this time of ascension.

Spirit clear and release all ties, cords and threads that bind me to any false religious belief, religious doctrine, religious path or religious figure.

Releasing Toxic Attachments…

Spirit clear and release all toxic attachments to any religious path, religious doctrine, religious story, religious figure that distorts or blocks my connection to the Christ energy, the Cosmic Christ Grid and all beings of light assisting the earth and humanity at this time of ascension. Clear all religious stories that have been manipulated over time by dark forces.

Spirit clear and release all religious programming and promises from my bloodlines that in any way impedes my ascension journey. 

Releasing Patterns of Suffering…

Spirit clear and release archetypal patterns of suffering, and martyrdom. Clear all fear, misperceptions, misunderstandings that reinforces any desire to suffer or to be martyred. Clear all other lifetime trauma or tragedy that reinforces any desire to suffer or to be martyred. Clear any ancestral patterning or pressure that reinforces any desire to suffer or to be martyred.

Spirit clear and release all other lifetime experiences of imprisonment, torture, suffering, martyrdom falsely created by beings in power driven by their judgemental egos and by false light beings working on the astral planes.

Releasing Religious Authority…

Spirit clear and release all distortions and interferences created by any church calling itself Christian. Clear and release any belief in the need for any religious authority, any church or priest, bishop or pope to act as intermediary between myself, the Christ and God/Goddess All That Is.

Releasing Blocks to Divine Union…

Spirit clear and release all false limits placed on the Divine Feminine due to the teachings of any Christian church, priest, bishop, pope. Clear any false idea, belief, doctrine that interferes with the union of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine.

Releasing Limiting Perceptions…

Spirit clear and release all false ideas and beliefs that create a disconnect between spirituality and the material life, material wealth, material belongings. Clear any false idea or belief that only allows spiritual progress through renunciation.

Releasing False Light Beings…

Spirit clear and release all false beings posing as the light. Release all false saints, false beings posing as ascended masters, any false beings posing as any Archangel, Christ, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene.

Releasing Black Magic…

Spirit clear and release all black magic associated with any false church or false path. Clear any vampiric beings across all planes of existence that feed off religious falsehoods and dark rituals. Clear and release any enmeshments with any dark vampiric beings or groups. Clear, close and seal all negative portals, openings and vortexes that have allowed access to any such entities.

Releasing Karmic Guilt…

Spirit clear and release me from any guilt or negative karmic consequences of having followed any false light beings, false light doctrines, false deities.

Releasing Dark Rituals…

Spirit clear and release dark practises or satanic rituals in which any image or name of the Christ, was used in order to create distortions and interference in the human collective and in particular amongst followers of the Christ.

Spirit clear all cannibalistic rituals of ingesting the body and blood of Christ. Undo any limiting consequences in all times, spaces, levels of being.

Releasing Trauma and Spiritual Wounding…

Spirit, clear any religious based traumas and spiritual woundings which limit the strength of my lightbody and ascension path. Clear across all time and space, all dimensions, and incarnations.

Releasing Abandonment…

Spirit clear and release any negative and limited programming associated with the betrayed Christ and the crucified Christ. Clear all false crucifixion patterning that limit my light, energy, and my ascension path. Clear any associated programs and false beliefs around the dark seeming to be more powerful than the light.

Spirit clear and release any disconnect from Source due to accepting any false ideas and stories that the Christ was abandoned by God/Goddess All That Is at the moment of crucifixion. Clear all associated programs of hopelessness, abandonment, anger, and fear.

Releasing Anger…

Spirit clear and release all anger with God/Goddess All That Is connected to the abandonment of Christ on the cross. Release all sense of being abandoned by God/Goddess All That Is in this incarnation and all incarnations.

Releasing Implants…

Spirit, clear and remove from my body and energetic fields all blocking implants, plates, rods and seals relating to the crucifixion. Anything that creates a false schism and split between spirit and matter, spirit and wealth, spirit, and sexual energy. Clear any and all chakra seals, including any interference in my crown chakra due to a false crown of thorns placed there and any false stigmata energies in my hands and feet creating blockages in those areas and in my whole meridian system.

Releasing Imprints…

Spirit, clear and remove all crucifixion imprints that impact my ego increasing any tendency to feel: victimized, helpless, fearful, co-dependent, betrayed, judgemental, persecuted, struggling, ashamed, in a martyred response, needing to rescue, being in sacrifice, feeling more spiritually advanced or less spiritually advanced than others.

Releasing Expectations…

Spirit clear and release all false ideas around the “second coming” of a Messiah. Release all limiting programming around waiting for the arrival of the Christ in some unknown future time. Clear anything preventing me from experiencing a connection with the Christ and the Cosmic Christ energy now.  

Releasing Energetic Distortions…

Spirit clear, repair and correct any distortions or deformities in my energy fields so that my aura is returned to its original pattern and shape, vibrating in resonance with the light and with optimal vitality. Restore my entire energy system to its natural state of harmony connected to the truth of my Higher Self. Restore the vibration of truth throughout my being.

Reveal the Truth…

Spirit, reveal to me now the true meaning and symbology of the life of Christ and his message of love. Reveal to me the eternal presence of the Christ energy/light and how that energy/light is supporting me now in my own ascension process.

Completing the Decree…

I call upon God/Goddess All That Is. I call upon my OverSoul, Higher Self and Team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance, all Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, Archangels of the Three Suns, all Elohim and Seraphim, Violet and Ultraviolet fire angels, angels of sacred geometry, all light beings within the crystalline grid of Gaia, all ascended Star Brothers and Sisters, to bring this decree to completion through all layers and levels of my Akashic Records, to complete this decree across all space and time, all dimensions, and incarnations.

Spirit, I ask for an amplification of this decree of clearing to the maximum intensity so that I may walk here in this ascending world free and clear of all ignorance and dark force interference.

Spirit, maintain the triple shield of angelic fire and the 64-point star silver crystalline tetrahedron around me for as long as necessary to complete this decree across all time and space.

Spirit, do all of this in accordance with the cosmic laws of love and light for maximum benefit of all involved.

Music by…

Caleb Etheridge (Soundstripe) and the track is called Into the Light (Instrumental)

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  1. Wow! The timing of this clearing was spot on based on what I experienced just last night. I am eternally grateful for your powerful works. I am at peace with all beings. May all beings be at peace✌️✨️

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