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Implant-Device Removal Meditation: Neutralising 4D Interference Technologies.

This Transmission…

Originally created November 2019, it was remastered May 2023. 

4D Etheric Implants….

Etheric implants are non-physical devices that can be found planted into our energy body. Implants-devices operate within the 4th Dimension. (There are positive implants but the focus here is on the negative ones.) Implants-devices are often designed to keep us asleep and energetically tied to the 3D Matrix. They can block the flow of a certain energy, keep one or more of our chakras shut down, siphon off our life force, keep negative programming running in our fields and interfere with the actualisation of our natural gifts. They can also have a tagging function.

Implants and Attachments….

An implant-device within the body often come with wiring, energetic booby traps, locks, dark crystals, organic matter, artificial intelligence, plates-armouring and sometimes with a central programming unit. They are often situated close to a major chakra such as the throat. As we become aware of an implant it can feel like a heavy pressure or it can feel like something metallic is within your body or it may feel like some sort of interference, which is the implant fulfilling its designated function.

Vows and Agreements…

Implants-devices are held in place by vows and agreements that must be destroyed before attempting to remove the device. Once an implant is removed there can be an ‘imprint’ left behind that will naturally clear within a few hours or at most a couple of days afterwards.

How to Approach this Work…

It is important to note that the best attitude to this work is one of curiosity and serenity. There is nothing to fear in this process. What we encounter are mostly old implants that have been there for a long time. Fear can certainly help to recreate devices in the body and energy fields. Once the device is gone there is no reason for it to reappear unless at some level we have invited it back.

More Information…

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19 Responses

  1. How interesting, I was fully involved in this meditation and then I feel into a deep sleep, waking at the end.

    1. Happened to me yesterday when I did first of his meditations. But I woke up half an hour after it’s finished and only because my hubby woke me up. But we both had a very energizing, deep sleep afterwards.

  2. Thank you so much for this information and for this beautiful meditation, Steve! I had one implant-device next to my throat chakra and it is now gone! Amazing!! Many blessings

  3. Steven Thank You So Much for your Beautiful Heartfelt work, You and your team of Archangelic Angels, and Powerful light workers are Amazing your re Helping Me so Much, I am Really, Deeply Grateful.

  4. Hello Steve,
    You say above ”Implants-devices are held in place by vows and agreements that must be destroyed before attempting to remove the device.” Is there a meditation of yours to first clear any vows and agreements before we do this meditation?

    Thank you

  5. Thank you Mr. Steve Nobel. Ive searched high and low for a removal video but I think you are one of the few ones who actually focus on this. Please consider making more videos.

  6. I dont know if it was trauma from the past, or whatever else, but for some reason i was sent harmful energy and went through an extreme psychic attack. I noticed there were ET and beings around that were sent. They attacked my mind, heart, and private. Apparently, they were trying to stop me. Even worse was that they put it on people who might not have had anything to do with it. Ive had to focus on removing this and ive lost out. But i realized I cant live with this thing inside of me. They actually put like another person, inside of me( it seems to have circuitry). How did you get this information, through channeling? What makes certain people have implants, devices and interferences and other ls don’t?

  7. Have you ever encountered one in the feet or with a mark (resembling a mole only not round, more like a pigmented scar?) I’ve had this oblong mark on my foot for as long as I can remember and when I was a young child I can remember always feeling the need to cover it with socks or bedsheets and stuffing that foot under my leg to hide it or covering it with the other foot so “they” (beings in the sky) couldn’t see me. That area of my foot is very sensitive and would tingle if there was any dark energy around me…even if dark music with subliminal messaging was playing or I watched a scary movie or read a scary book…this still happens. In my mid 20s another one appeared on the other foot suddenly…my doctor even biopsied it. That one doesn’t have the sensitivity though of the other one. It literally feels like somethings wired into all the vessels or nerves in my foot. I’ve also had something really strange show up on a CT scan in my pelvic area.

  8. My mesh explant covering my whole abdomen is scheduled for July 6th. Thank you for this… I’ll listen to this frequently till then and after. I noticed this a few days ago but wasn’t strong enough to listen. Today, the pain during the session was intense. Thank you…

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