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The Rainbow Bridge Transmission: Upgrade Your Chakra System to 5D.

Opening the Inner Channel…

We are at a point where the timelines are splitting. In this transmission you will learn to unhook from the old karmic earth grid and more fully connect to the new ascending crystalline 5D grid. This transmission will also help you open the inner channel and thus connect more deeply with the Christ Grid and open to the new 5D chakra system waiting to be birthed inside of you. This transmission will help Starseeds prepare for the current energy shifts.

The 5D Chakra Upgrade…

Below are details of the 5D Chakra Upgrade. These are suggestions and not fixed rules. They may appear differently to you and that is fine. The other suggestion is that all energy centres will be experienced as they shift into 5D from cones to spheres:

1st Base – Shimmering Platinum.
2nd Sacral – Pearl Pink.
3rd Solar plexus – Golden Rainbow.
4th Heart – Pure Starlight
5th Throat – Royal Blue.
6th Third eye – Crystal Clear/Emerald Green Fire.
7th Crown – Crystal Clear/Gold.
8th Causal moon – Silver-white. Opens you to your Lower Akashic Records.
9th Earth Star – Copper. Connects you to the earth and to your bloodlines.
10th Soul star – Brilliant Light Magenta. Opens you to your Higher Akashic Records.
11th Stellar Gateway – Golden Orange Sun. This connects you to your Higher Self.
12th Universal – Whatever colour comes. This connect you to your Monadic Self.

Music by…

Chris Collins

Other Details…

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  1. This was just what i was looking for. Thanks for the powerful message! I am a believer in alternative healing and the chakra bracelet has truly saved my life

  2. Interestingly my guides have just shown me, the heart chakra as starlight. And the earth star as copper.i have brought an ayuvedic copper bottle for water.also we have the venus retrograde at mo forming the sacred rose, of her geometric cycle. Copper belongs to venus….. i have been opening these 5d chakras for some time.
    I use tuning forks,going from c, to g for the 7 traditional chakras and earth star, and soul star. Also we have the sharps and flats in the scale. These are meant to be higher body chakras opening in the etheric.for example higher sacral is the purified womb for the incoming golden children, who have to clear their human parents, for conception….. the diaphram chakra, allows us to accsess the holy breath of life. The well of dreams, at back of neck….it is wonderful isnt it.
    Thank you so much for yr article the first i have seen on the subject.
    I wont do the meditation, as some of the colours dont resonate with what i see, and i trust that.
    Interestingly, the base feet and earth star usually deep reds browns, can also be aqua as a lot of the earth is covered in water.
    I use crystals, to help with chakra stuff, so the ones just mentioned, are garnet, ruby, smokey quartz, aquamarine. Dark glitty black opal…. where you mentioned, pearlized,higher chakras, i find ethiopan opals, shell, the shiny, work.i love the light in the earth that are the crystal realm.1d. How they love to travel having been earth rooted for yonks, and find their way, to us to support our journey to 5d, with holy earth… they maybe classed along with the minerals, as 1d, but they well ahead of us, on ascension progress, already being higher d, and serving us as we serve earth.
    When i use tuning forks for chakra balancing, i string crystals on the body….. i will certainly reread yr lovely article, and see which crystals resonate with them, in the can find loads the7 chakra, clearing on u tube. Be great for these new resonances to be broadcast in sound… i am unable to find the hertz resonances,for the new chakras, above, the soul star, and there are many below the earth star, that link with ancestors.(we have clear shit, from the ancestral line, and learn from their wisdom, star and stone wisdom, they left for us, grids set up, etc….And to link deep to center, the magma fire mother, of earths core, i call it her heart. As the magnetic feilds of earth change, we need to root into the new magnetics of 5d earth.
    I done, i think, would love feedback on my comment, and if you got the new hertz resonances, please share, or direct me, via one point, sound, colour, geometrics, are one unified feild, think it called 7d….

  3. Re your heart chakra being starlight. Lovely.
    A while ago, few years, guides took me to desert, at night. So we could see the stars amazing. Then they said. “Pull them into yr heart”. I thought, how can i the space so big so many stars.
    BUT I DID IT ANYWAY. In total trust…
    Now, yrs later, they show me heart chakra starlight. In time me find yr article which from comments, you posted earlier.
    This poses more thought. Is it part of opening to my galactic familly, held in my heart…. is it the ether element quintessance space moving to heart. Usually it the throat chakra.?????
    Whatever!!! I give thanks for myself all life and earth, for the ascension process. WONDER FULL. Lin

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